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If you would like to keep up with the community, we have a Discord server available below or check out the More Information panel for some information about why we decided to close our doors.

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A letter from the owner.

After 4 years running Modded Minecraft Servers and a general lack of interest with modpacks, we decided to finally shut the server down. With the Modded Minecraft scene sticking around on the same modpacks with distant updates, and very little interest in playing the same mods. We did several resets, and reworked our plugins to try and keep the "fun factor" up but after a few times of trying this and falling back to the lack of interest, I made the decision that it wasn't worth keeping around or giving any attention to anymore.

There were a few options that we had to keep the server around, sure we could do a reset, or add in new packs, but should a community really rely on wiping everything to give a fresh chance? I didn't think so. It seemed that the only activity was based around "Indie Modpacks", and those only drew in the people who requested them for a short amount of time. Interest in the game had died off, for players and staff.

I know that I made some personal life friends on this server, quite a few still get together and play games from time to time, and I know that goes for others as well. The server started with just a few people, sitting around in a big empty world, and I can't believe how many people that I met and grew to love out of this adventure. People who helped make me who I am today, in more ways than one. For this reason I decided to put up a Discord server that everyone can connect to, and still hang out with old friends in. So feel free to join that and come say hi!

Perhaps one day in the future we will come back, but for now; we are the forsaken.

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